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Open Books

All eBooks are free for you to enjoy. It's that simple. Soon, there will also be an increasing catalogue of low-cost print editions


High Quality

Beautiful does not have to be cheap. All our free eBooks come with High-Res covers, as well as friendly rich formatting.



Encremento is a non-for-profit organisation. By law, all generated income must go into the development of free open culture. Please donate to support us.

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Only Creative Commons

All our books are published with Creative Commons licences so that readers and authors can share in confidence. And yes, that applies to paperbacks too (coming soon).


ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of proceeds goes towards the development of open books, culture and knowledge.
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You need books, they need you too

Encremento Open Books launched in the autumn of 2015 with hundreds of fresh editions of eBooks. All are available for FREE.

The next milestones that need funding include:

  • Online reading tools.
  • Publication of free eBooks as low-cost paperbacks (also with open licences!!).
  • Building up the platform for authors to commence the distribution of even more books.
  • Support for academic and non-academic authors who want to publish with open licences.